we developed the processes. now we strive to be the best.

Finding the right team for customer support can be tricky.

We have developed an elite team for customer support, chargeback management, e-communication, and outbound phone calls to follow up with customers.

We strive to be the best in the industry.

Outbound Partials Monetization.

Our first project was in the monetization of abandoned orders on our ecommerce site selling health and weight loss supplements. When customers filled out their shipping details, but for whatever reason did not follow through with their purchase, we would call them the next day to find out why they had stopped, solve their problem, address their concerns, or put a friendly voice to an unknown website, and help customers finish up their order if they were qualified. Our focus on quality helped us achieve high conversion rates which has lead to more and more clients, with products ranging from skin care to cognitive enhancers, all trusting us with their partial customers which would have otherwise been lost revenue. Starting in the United States we have since expanded to service customers in Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland as well. We are currently taking on new clients, for more information please email

Inbound Customer Service.

After finding success with our Outbound center we decided to try our hand at Inbound customer service and quickly found a knack for it. Keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront we have since been servicing customers in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland within the industries of skin care, health & weight loss, and cognitive enhancement. We are currently taking on new clients, for more information please email

Chargeback Management.

We manually review every chargeback, gather evidence and send re-presentment to the bank to demonstrate that the transaction has been completely legitimate and needs reversal. We only fight chargebacks that we are certain will have a positive chance of returning revenue back to the merchant.

Outbound Secured Credit Services.

For our next project, we currently we have our sights set on providing secured credit solutions to underbanked populations. We are currently taking on new clients, for more information please email

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